McAfee / Hayes
Auction Service, LLC


Saturday August 19th
10:00 a.m.

Sale conducted at the Caldwell Building located 1 1/2 mile West of Canton, MO (Pizza Hut exit) on Hwy. 16.

New Pictures Added 8-16-17


                                     SALE ORDER
Ring 1

10:00 a.m. - Toys, Antiques, and Cast Iron

11:00 a.m. - Traps and Misc.

12:00 Noon - Guns
                  - Tractor and Equipment
                  - Woodworking Equipment and Furniture

Est. 1:45 p.m. - Artifacts

Ring 2

10:00 a.m. - Lures and Fishing Related
                 - Ammo
                 - Reloading Supplies
                 - Gun Related
                 - Knives
                 - Misc.

NOTE: Ring 2 will stop at 12:00 Noon while guns are sold.

Lot 1: Charles Daly Mod. 108, 410 ga, 3", O/U, VR, S# CF01217

Lot 2: Stevens Mod. 512 Goldwing, 410 ga., 3", O/U, VR, S# U10DO851

Lot 3: Stevens Mod. 512 Goldwing, 28 ga., 2 3/4", O/U, VR, S# U11C0113

Lot 4: Stevens Mod. 512 Goldwing, 20 ga., 3", O/U, VR, S# U07B3254

Lot 5: Stevens Mod. 512 Goldwing, 12 ga., 3", O/U, VR, S# U11A0383

Lot 6: Win. Mod. 42, 410 ga., 3" Full, S# 41919

Lot 7: Win. Mod. 1912, 12 ga., Full, Simmons VR, S# 71146

Lot 8: Win. Mod. 12, 12 ga. Imp. Cyl., 2 3/4", Simmons VR, S# 1880313

Lot 9: Win. Mod. 12, 12 ga., 3" Full, Solid Rib, Super Speed and Super X, S# 1623336

Lot 10: Win. Mod. 12, 12 ga. Full, 2 3/4", S# 1290363

Lot 11: Win. Mod. 12, 20 ga. Full, 2 3/4", Simmons VR, S#1314053

Lot 12: Win. Mod. 12, 12 ga. Full, 2 3/4", Simmons VR, S# 1176767

Lot 13: Win. Mod. 12, 12 ga. Full, 2 3/4", Solid Rib, S# 1351473

Lot 14: Win. Mod. 1897, 12 ga. Full, S# 379242

Lot 15: Win. Mod. 63, 22 LR, Super Speed and Super X, S# 131851A

Lot 16: Church Hill (Made in England) 300 Win. Mag, Simmons Scope, S# MAG25548

Lot 17: Browning (Japan) Invector BPS, 410 ga., 2 1/2" and 3", VR, 26" Field Model S# 22141M2121

Lot 18: Rem. Mod. 81, 35 Rem., S# 664

Lot 19: Rem. Mod. 870 Wingmaster, 12 ga. Full, 2 3/4", VR, S# T654517V

Lot 20: Ithaca Mod. 37 Featherlight, 20 ga., 2 3/4", S# 371517001

Lot 21: Rem. Nylon 66, Mohawk Brown, 22 cal.

Lot 22: CZ Huglu 410 ga., 3", Side by Side, S# 0800793

Lot 23: Rossi (Brazil) Mod. 62SA, 22 Cal., S# G325362

Lot 24: Ruger Mod. 10/22, 22LR, Tasco Scope, S# 259-61381

Lot 25: Savage Model-11, 22-250 cal., Synthetic Stock, Tasco Scope, S# G838051

Lot 26: Savage Mod. 93R17, 17HMR, Synthetic Stock, Tasco Scope, S# 1325817

Lot 27: Rem. Mod. 1100, 12 ga. Skeet Barrel only

Lot 28: Ithaca Mod. 37 Featherlight, 20 ga., 2 3/4" Barrel only

Lot 29: Win. Mod. 12, 12 ga. Full, VR Barrel and Slide only

Lot 30: Savage Mod. 24V, 222 Rem. over 20 ga., 3", S#6811

Lot 31: Ithaca Mod. 37 Featherlight, 12 ga. Deer Slayer, 2 3/4", S#371214826

Lot 32: Interarms (Brazil), 20 ga., 3", Side by Side

Lot 33: Connecticut Valley Arms (Spain) 12 ga., Black Powder, Side by Side. S# 85-058898

Lot 34: Rem. 870 Express, 12 ga., 2 3/4 & 3", VR, Camo Stock, S# Y186580M

Lot 35: Browning BPS, 12 ga., 2 3/4, 3 & 3 1/2" Field Model, VR, Camo Stock, S# 15726MX121

Lot 36: Connecticut Valley Arms (Spain) Optima 50 cal. Black Powder, S# 61-13-163421-03

Lot 37: Tikka (Finland) M595, 308 Win. Mag, Bushnell Scope S# 974259

Lot 38: Rem. STS Premier Competition Trap, 12 ga, 3", O/U, Safety and Barrel Select

Lot 39: Ruger New Model Blackhawk, 357 Cal., Stainless Revolver, S# 33-44996

Lot 40: Ruger New Model Single - Six, 22 cal. / 22 Mag, S# 263-29037

Lot 41: Ruger New Bearcat 22 cal., Engraved Cylinder, S# 93-04950

Lot 42: Heritage Rough Rider 22 cal. Revolver, S# E16824

Lot 43: Taurus (Brazil) 22 cal., 9 shot, S# KL13512

Lot 44: Interarms (Rossi) 38 Special, 6 shot, S# D668806

Lot 45: Ruger Mark II Target, 22 cal., Stainless, Bull Barrel, Bushnell Scope, S# 218-70667

Lot 46: Smith & Wesson Mod. 22A-1, Simmons Scope, S# VDA5943

Lot 47: Buttler 22 cal. Derringer S# B75690

Lot 48: Colt (set of 2) 22 cal. Derringer S# 11305DER, S# 11306DER

Lot 49: Oklahoma 4.5 Cal. Pellet Gun with original box.

Lot 50: Horter HD 150 Crossbow

Lot 51: Martin Compound Bow

     Also selling a large assortment of "New" ammo, misc. scopes, Bayonets; gun cases; various reloading supplies to include like new shotgun shell MEC loaders and supplies.

     Selling a nice assortment of foot traps to include: Duke #15 bear trap, Taylor specials, Victors, Diamond Double jaw, Herters, Blacklamb, Sears & Robuck, Northwood, New House, Hamlin & Norton, High Grip, Crescent, Easy set, Gopher traps and others. Also selling a few game mounts to include: whitetail deer, pheasants, quail, squirrels, racoon and fish. Also selling 100 +/- hide stretchers, hide tumbler and live traps.

     Selling a large assortment of collectible fishing lures too numerous to list, several with original boxes, view photos online. Collection of vintage fishing reels, 2 hanging adv. lures and other related items. View photos online. Also selling several fishing poles, fishing pole display.

     Selling a large selection of new and old hunting and pocket knives

     Large assortment of authentic, area found, arrowheads, various length spears, various size axes, bird points and other artifacts. View photos online.

     Furst & Bradley FC Co. Chicago, IL #84 cast iron seat; ACME, Deering and Jenkins cast iron seats; cast iron wall mount coffee grinder; Diana No. 380 laundry stove; cast iron skillets; several cast iron toys to include: cannons, trucks, teams and wagons etc.; selection of Ertl toys to include: AC, JD, Oliver, CASE, Farmall tractors, etc.; misc. vintage ag toys, few vintage toy trucks; hand crafted stage coach; single box wall phone; Sweet Mist tobacco tin; cannon ball; powder horn; wooden Remington shell box; duck decoys; hide scale; Red Ball butter churn; butter mold; milk can; kraut cutter; wooden nail keg; hand corn planter; several collectible horse bits; stirrups and spurs; single door cabinet; single drawer washstand; plank back rocker; oak platform rocking cradle with applied pieces; 2 Bentwood youth chairs; wooden high chair; primitive single door cupboard; fern stand; wooden medicine cabinet; cardboard Kools and Camel posters; A.E. Schmidt Co. 1943 War Bond Adv. and Billard Bar and Bowling Supplies 1944 St. Louis, MO Adv.; 31 day wall clock; kerosene lamp; Civil War infantry horn; 13 star flag; braided hair watch fob and 2 pocket watches; wooden crayon box; Depression glass; Watts bowl and cream pitcher; H.P. China bowls; Native American collector plates; outdoorsman decor to include: deer lamp, assorted late model gun and ammo signs; Native American pictures. Also selling a full size adjustable bed; WWII books and other outdoorsman books; residential meat processing equipment to include: tenderizer, slicer, meat saw, lugs, etc.

     Ford Industrial KD212K diesel tractor, sells complete with Ford 420 loader and material bucket; Ford 8' 3pt. disk; MF 3 Btm. plow; MG 6' Brush Hog; 10' Wheel Disk; 3 pt. Bale Mover; 6' Blade; Cat. 1 Quick Hitch; 14' Jon Boat; boat trailer

     Craftsman 12" wood lathe; Ridgid 12" planer; Craftsman 6" edger; 10" Craftsman miter saw; Ryobi spindle and disc sander; Craftsman table saw; saw crutch; Workmate table; wood planes; car stands; air hose reel; band and pipe clamps; pry bars; battery charger; assorted hand tools; power tools and other related items; cherry and walnut lumber; Troy Bilt Bronco tiller; garden planter; iron wheel wheel barrow; N.I.B Martin house; lawn windmill; assorted lawn and garden tools; leaf blower; hedge trimmer; steel fence post; electric Craftsman 75 chain saw; turkey fryer; collapsible dog kennel and other useful items.

AUCTIONEER'S NOTE: Make plans to spend the day at this exceptional outdoorsman estate auction. Lunch will be available. Majority of sale conducted inside for buyer's convenience. Terms cash or check with proper ID. Not responsible in case of accident or theft. Announcements made sale day take precedence over any advertisement. The above information is believed to be accurate; however, no liability for its accuracy, errors or omissions are assumed by the seller or auction service.

Estate of Paul Legg